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Stabilis can provide bunkering solutions and support for your LNG marine fueling operations

Stabilis is a leader in sourcing and distribution of LNG to multiple end-markets across North America

Stabilis offers customized solutions for marine fueling, bunkering support and fueling logistics throughout North America to help our customers meet IMO 2020. Stabilis can safely and reliably provide one-time, mobile-temporary, or permanent facilities for the fueling of ships from shore. Stabilis owns mobile storage, pumping and transfer equipment and employs a national team of service technicians to provide dock support for fueling operations. Stabilis can provide high flow systems to meet the demands of a larger vessel or multiple vessels.

  • Customer safety, reliability and satisfaction are our top priorities.
  • Stabilis provides a wide variety of onsite mobile and stationary LNG storage and fuel delivery systems for shore to ship bunkering. We support our customers with a nationwide team of experienced technicians to ensure maximum reliability and uptime.
  • Stabilis' core values include complete quality and safety; we strive to meet or exceed our customers' expectations and requirements.
  • >99.5% LNG Delivery Reliability
  • >99.5% Equipment Uptime Reliability

Reach out today to learn more about LNG for your marine fueling needs in North America.

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Planning and committing now is prudent, economical and essential for having the ideal solution for your upcoming requirement. Stabilis supplies consistent composition fuel throughout North America from over 25 LNG production locations.